Sales Lessons Learned from the NACUFS 2017 Annual Conference in Nashville

Posted on September 27th, 2017

Many chefs, dietitians and auxiliary directors attended the NACUFS 2017 Annual Conference in Nashville this summer.  Here are a few key highlights (lessons learned):

  • Descriptive menus help to boost sales. “Delicious” adjectives tantalize your customers! Encourage your chefs and marketing team to use the thesaurus to add these to your menu.
  • Spend money to make money. One college offered parents a free meal and actually saw an increase in its retention of the four-year student.
  • New flavor trends impact everything, from cold brew coffee, to Asian inspired soups and vegan-style protein bars, resulting in sales increases to your student customers.  Show your students that their campus dining service is up to the minute in today’s “hottest” taste trends.
  • Keep your use of social media fresh and trendy. Invest in social media to promote your retail and residential locations’ new menu items, promotions and special offers such as order in advance to save the students’ time and encourage loyalty.

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