Original Research

To assess current industry and consumer trends, Campus Dining, Inc. conducts original research with over 300 colleges and universities throughout the U.S. Traditionally, this research focuses on key topics of interest and/or importance to our higher education clients.

As a follow up, and in support of this research, we offer cost-effective continuing education through online webinars or in-person consultation. Ongoing training supports and encourages discussion concerning original research topics and how such research might be designed, by request, to address a client’s needs.

Our Original Research includes:

  • Annual Retail & Resident Dining Pricing Study, FoodMark® (2006-2017)
  • Public Safety Study – On behalf of Elmhurst College (2017)
  • Peer Group Benchmarking Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Study – Sponsored by Ohio Wesleyan University (2017)
  • Stadium and Arena Events Concession Study – Sponsored by The University of Utah (2016)
  • Dining Services Benchmarking Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Study, FoodMark® (2012 and 2015)
  • AAU Peer Group Study – Hosted by University of Notre Dame (2014)
  • Pouring Rights Study – on behalf of the PASSHE Universities (2013)
  • Group Procurement Practices/GPO – Hosted by Boston College (2011)
  • Higher Education Catering Sales Study – Hosted by New York University (2010)
  • Dining Services Labor Hours Study – Hosted by University of Notre Dame (2009)
  • Campus Auxiliary Services Study – Hosted by Ohio University (2008)
  • Dining Services Benchmarking KPI Study – FoodMark® (2007)
  • Financial Key Performance Indicator Study – Hosted by AJCU (2006)
  • Meal Equivalency Study – Hosted by Bucknell University (2005)


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