Operations Services

Services to Strengthen Your Operations: Request for Proposals, Strategic Master Planning, Operational Review & Analysis, Project Management

At Campus Dining, Inc., we understand that your residential and retail dining customers expect the world on their plate, in an environment that enriches their overall campus experience.

Whether your dining operation is self-operated or contracted, it must meet guest and institutional expectations for innovative dining and excellence in customer service, management, purchasing, achievement of financial goals and objectives, and sustainable practices.

We are the “background music” to your success. Our unique blend of professional experience plus a toolbox of the most contemporary data gathering methods support and enhance your dining operations. We engage your students, faculty, and staff in a personal fashion while using quantifiable tools, grounded by reliable data, to gather and verify the necessary internal and external comparative data.

Let us help you put the puzzle pieces together to develop a picture of your contemporary and customer-centered dining services.

Information – It’s critical to gather and assess information on your dining services. Establishing a baseline of knowledge through a variety of interactive methods is critical to understanding customers’ perception of your dining services. Regular monitoring of customer satisfaction energizes creative solutions and provides advance notice of where problems may occur.

Execution – Establish standards of excellence and monitor these to achieve customer loyalty. Consistency of service, quality and responsiveness need to get a little bit better every day. This is the process of continuous improvement.

Measurement – Metrics and monitoring of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of quality, customer satisfaction, and financial performance quantify day-to-day activities. We place these into a scorecard dashboard format for easy understanding and usability by the institution’s leadership and workers.

Campus Dining, Inc.’s Operations Service Self-Operator Contracted
Confidential Financial/Statistical Data Sharing
Operations Assessment & Recommendations
Strategic Master Planning
Site Assessments
Financial Assessment, Financial Return
Continuous Improvement Program
Quality Assurance and Sanitation Audits
Meal Plan Evaluation
Pouring Rights Agreement
Best Value Solution
Market Research: Customer Expectation & Satisfaction
• Customer Satisfaction
• Leadership Goal Setting
• Town Hall Forums
• Focus Groups
• Personal Intercept Surveys
• Personal Interviews
• Market Comparison
• Mystery Shopping


Creating Customer Loyalty
Leadership Goal Setting
Contract Compliance
Contractor Selection
Request for Proposal (RFP) Process
Development, Evaluation, Negotiations
Contract Negotiation or Modification
Incentive Program

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