FoodMark®Frequently Asked Questions*

What is the FoodMark® Benchmarking program?

Designed by Campus Dining, Inc., FoodMark® is the nationally recognized external benchmarking community for college and university on-site dining services. It collects confidential financial data for comparison in aggregate form, conducts original research, and provides online and in-person workshops and support for contract administrators and self-operators.

The FoodMark® program has developed original proprietary criteria, terminology, tools and systems to support benchmarking processes to evaluate and implement operational improvements to campus dining services.

To date, over 300 colleges and universities have participated in FoodMark® data exchanges. This breadth of data has helped to establish industry standards for Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in Residential (Board), Retail Dining, Coffee Bar, and Convenience Store outlets.

With this valuable data in hand, clients can identify and implement improvements to their methods and practices. Using monitoring tools, internal reports, external comparisons, and our knowledgeable recommendations, Dining Services liaisons and administrators can make—and measure—the improvements they seek.

FoodMark® is nationally recognized as the industry standard in dining services benchmarking. The Society for Hospitality and Foodservice Management (SHFM) has adopted our standards. FoodMark® uses the ASQ International Clearinghouse Code of Ethics for confidentiality and distribution.

Who is a typical FoodMark® client?

Whether self-operators or contracted dining, we work with a variety of clients from auxiliary services, finance, and student affairs. We have worked with school representatives such as:

  • Vice President of Finance
  • Director of Auxiliary Services
  • Director of Student Affairs
  • Dining Services Contract Liaison or Administrator
  • Dining Services Director

What types of services does FoodMark® compare?

Initially, Board, Retail, Coffee Bars, and Convenience Store programs are reviewed. As your program develops, clients may choose to add Catering, Conference Centers, Concessions, and other services.

Can your data be compared to other colleges and universities?

Comparing data is one of the foundation goals of FoodMark®.  Our analyses can sort information by size of the student population, geographic area, the type of institution, affiliations, types of services, and more.

How is my confidentiality protected?

Campus Dining, Inc. signs a confidentiality agreement with each client.
Only you see your specific data. We provide shared data in aggregate form only.

Can you help me with specialized requests and/or reports for our campus leadership?

Yes! That is one of the benefits of the FoodMark® program. Frequently, your leadership may request specific information to support business development activities or for presentation to trustees. FoodMark® will assist you in gathering the necessary information and provide the summary data you need.

What does it cost?

The annual fee to participate in FoodMark® is based on the number of locations and services you wish to include. Contact us to learn more.

How was FoodMark® introduced into the college & university market?

Over one year of data gathering and product development took place in order to launch FoodMark® in colleges and universities. We visited and interviewed Auxiliary Services, Financial Administrators, and Dining Services professionals in the field, sampled and prepared database adaptations, participated in trade shows to conduct surveys, and facilitated focus groups of major colleges and universities.

Because of this careful process, FoodMark® was successfully launched and continues to grow—demonstrating to colleges and university Dining Services how to attain maximum value at minimum cost.

Who is Campus Dining, Inc.?

Campus Dining, Inc. was incorporated in 2003, after years of doing business as a subsidiary of Corporate Dining, Inc.

Campus Dining, Inc. was incorporated in order to develop and expand the research activities of FoodMark® in college and university dining services throughout the United States.

Who is Corporate Dining, Inc.?

Formed in 1986, Corporate Dining, Inc. is a national research and project management consulting firm and the developer of the FoodMark® program. Corporate Dining, Inc. conducts over 80 projects annually and supports a dining services benchmarking community of 125 U.S. corporations.

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