FoodMark®What does it cost me?

A financial and statistical monitoring program to measure the efficiency of your Dining Services.

FoodMark® is our nationally recognized external benchmarking community for college and university dining services. It is a confidential clearinghouse for financial and statistical data, conducts original research such as the Annual Retail and Residential Pricing Study (“the Pricing Study”), and provides online and in person workshops for self-operators and contract administrators.

It is the only service of its kind, and our professional standards have been adopted by the Society for Hospitality and Foodservice Management (SHFM).

To date, over 300 colleges and universities have participated in the data exchange, establishing industry standards for Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in Board and Retail Dining outlets.

Using cloud technology, FoodMark® clients access the confidential online database to enter or retrieve their data in a superior format for customized reports. Designated users may print and use any of the simple, colorful, and expressive graphs, placing these into reports for leadership, training and/or marketing efforts.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” … by presenting data visually, the FoodMark® database enhances understanding and the usefulness of your data while enabling you to clearly see how you are doing today, as well as historically from year to year.

Range High (RH) and Data Pool Averages (DPA) are presented in aggregate form, using our confidential national database of dining services information. This high level, “quick view” enables you to make useful comparisons by type of service, region and/or population.

FoodMark® partners receive:

  • Online 24/7 database with real time KPI trends and graphics
  • Personal support, observations and recommendations on your dining services performance, and methods & practice improvement
  • WebEx education and support meetings
  • Opportunities to participate in our Original Research on industry topics
  • Final Reports on the Original Research conducted by Campus Dining, Inc., such as the Annual Pricing Study, Meal Plan Study, Labor Hours Study, Self-Operated or Contract Operated, etc.
  • Invitations to participate in professional FoodMark® Workshops at no charge
  • Customized programs are available, including your own Dashboard

Questions? Please review the Frequently Asked Questions section.

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