FoodExcelAre My Customers Safe?

An onsite quantified review process of contract compliance, risk mitigation, food safety, service and food quality assurance.

The number one priority of our self-operated and contracted dining services clients is the safety of students, faculty and guests. They also want to ensure that current dining concepts satisfy their customers and support a healthy operation.

FoodExcel is our quantified Contract Compliance, Site Evaluation and Quality Assurance program. During the on-site process of evaluating current methods and practices, we ask, answer and quantify: “Are we doing the tasks we are supposed to be doing to protect the customers, owners and workers?” and “Do we have the right dining concepts to attain maximum value for our community?”

  • We work with you to establish your particular standards of performance.
  • We then develop your standards into a series of questions with associated, weighted scores.
  • The on-site evaluation of current methods and practices is asked in the form of questions to reduce the anxiety or fears of your on-site dining team.

Services range from Mystery Shopping and the simple measurements of short evaluations to full on-site qualitative analysis, contract compliance and area dining concept evaluation.

Contact us to find out how FoodExcel will help you successfully achieve operational improvements and enhanced performance.

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