Dining Services Consultants


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Campus Dining, Inc. is an operations assessment and performance metrics company. Our combination of operations experience and dynamic analytics help your dining program achieve maximum value at minimum cost!

Campus Dining Operations Services

Operations Services that strengthen your dining operations are the core of Campus Dining, Inc.’s services. These include Request for Proposal (RFP) Assistance, Strategic Planning, Operational Assessments, Comprehensive Financial Analysis, Market Research, Contract Compliance, and so much more. Our highly skilled and experienced consultant team collaborates with you to help your institution attain maximum value from your dining operations at minimum cost.

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Are My Customers Safe?

An on-site quantified review process of contract compliance, risk mitigation, food safety, service and food quality assurance.

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Are My Customers Happy?

An online data gathering tool to assess customer behavior, leadership goals, mystery shopping and operations data gathering.

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What does it cost me?

A financial and statistical monitoring program to measure the efficiency of your Dining Services.

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